The Fun


Physical activities are my way of relaxing and releasing pressure from work and keeping myself healthy. Playing sports helps me establish teamwork skills and make friends. The sports I enjoy participating in are basketball, boxing, badminton, table tennis, parkour, weight training...if it makes me sweat, I love it!



Everyone likes delicious food. People feel happy and satisfied when eating nice dishes, and so do I. I began to learn to cook and have become a certificated Taiwanese Chef. I love to share this passion with my family, friends and loved ones. I love trying exotic cuisine, if I like the dish then I will search on the internet and find how to cook it. This is part of how I enjoy my life.


I love to make people happy through laughter. Bringing happiness to those around me is one of my greatest joys. I love the challange of performing for others. Also, this is another example of teamwork. We need to think about the choreography together and choose the most suitable moves to the music.

Pop Dance

<Can't take my eyes off you>


Traveling gives me the chance to experience different cultures and technologies. The adventure I go on inspire my imagination and creativity. My ideas always come to my mind because of those places I have been to. By talking with different people, I saw different points of view for the world. It helps me to grow as a knowledgeable game designer.

Video of the Trip to Xinjiang, China

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